• Print

    Bullfrog Brewery

    Hand drawn design for Bullfrog Brewery. With applications ranging from t-shirts, posters, marketing materials, beer packaging and beyond. Each element of the design was originally sketched in pencil, finished with pen and ink, then composed in Illustrator.

  • Website

    Petland Cares

    Responsive website design for Petland pet stores. This site was developed and coded by Craft D.C., who hired me as a freelance designer to create the design.

  • Website

    Nicole Truxes

    Responsive web design for the professional athlete Nicole Truxes.

  • branding

    Bikram Yoga Arlington

    Branding composition created for Bikram Yoga Arlington. I also created the logo. This design was used as the basis for marketing materials and their website.

  • Website Design

    Love 4 Utah

    Campaign website design for Utah candidate Mia Love.

  • Corporate Branding

    Broadleaf Software Solutions

    Logo design and marketing brochure for Broadleaf Software Solutions. A company that provides software to the federal government. This design was used as the basis for marketing materials and their website.

  • website


    Responsive website design for Revolution3™. A triathlon and running event production company.

  • website

    Inside Sports Clinic

    Website design for Inside Sports Clinic. A sports medicine provider focused on applying modern technology to heal injuries.

  • Website Design


    Website design for the Northeast Disaster Recovery Information X-Change.

  • Print

    Revolution3 Triathlon Portland

    Print ad composition to promote the Revolution3™ Portland Triathlon. The magazine ad using this design ran for several concurrent months in various multisport and runners magazines leading up to the date of the race.

  • Print


    Marketing campaign I created to advertise the military-grade vehicle Commando®. Produced by Hendricks Dynamics and IIF Data Solutions for sale to government contractors and the military. Materials produced using this campaign included: folders, posters, trade show booths, booklets, brochures, and clothing.

  • Website Design

    Cantor for Congress

    A website design for a political election campaign.

  • clothing

    Cycling Kit

    Triathlon cycling kit created for retail sales at Revolution3™. Individual pieces that made up the kit included: a cycling jersey, cycling shorts, one piece tri suits, and arm warmers.

  • Print

    Challenge Family Magazine Ad Series

    Print campaign for Challenge Family Triathlons. I was also the photographer for this ad campaign, shooting on location with each featured athlete. The ad campaign ran consecutively in various multisport and runners magazines over a several month period.

  • website

    Lauren Goss Professional Triathlete

    Responsive website design for professional athlete Lauren Goss. In addition to the site layout and design, I created her "LG" initials logo, which was used as a basis for her bike graphics, and I also art directed and assited on the photo shoot for much of the images used on the site.

  • Corporate Branding

    IIF Solutions Corporate Branding

    Corporate rebranding efforts for IIF Data Solutions, a government contractor. Including logo design and visual style guide development. Various items produced under this branding package included: a trade show booth, marketing collateral, folders, business cards, and clothing.

  • website

    Rev3 Glow Run

    Responsive website design for Rev3 Glow. A company that puts on family friendly running events after dark. The site takes full advantage of parallax scrolling, responsive design, and other HTML5 elements to create a sense of depth and movement on the single page website.

  • Packaging

    Darby Rose Brewing

    Packaging design beverage labels for Darby Rose Brewing. I created the logo for Darby Rose as well as the visual language and style guide used on all the labels and packaging.

  • Branding

    Revolution3™ Finish Line

    Finish line graphics created to wrap around a three dimensional finish line structure produced by Revolution3™. This is the finish line where athletes cross and pose for photos at the end of a race.

  • Website

    Double Eagle Title

    Website design for Double Eagle Title. A mortgage insurance company in McLean, Virginia.

  • Print

    Cedar Point Triathlon Postcard

    Postcard composition created to promote the Cedar Point Triathlon. This design was also used for several other marketing pieces and social media ads.

  • Logo Design

    Empire Secure Installation

    Logo design for the smart home security system company Empire Secure Installations.

  • Medal

    Quassy Triathlon Medals

    Medal design for Quassy Triathlon. This design was produced as the finisher medals for the event. Revolution3™ is consistently voted "best race swag" by various publications based on my designs.

  • Corporate Advertising

    John Deere Father's Day Ad

    Newspaper ad for John Deere tractors. This was a concept I created for a Father's Day promotion. It ran in newspapers across the country.

  • Event Branding

    Pocono Mountains

    Event branding for the Pocono Mountains Triathlon. The wolf design and color scheme were used on all the event branding including: medals, hats, race kits and more.

  • Video

    Video Editing

    Here are two examples of videos that I shot and edited using Adobe Premier. I also created the motion graphics and titles using Adobe After Effects. More examples of my video work can be found on my YouTube Channel.

  • Website Design

    ASAA Multimedia

    A clean, corporate look I created for the website design for a ASAA Multimedia.

  • Motion Graphics

    After Effects Creations

    Examples of motion graphics animations that I created using Adobe After Effects. More examples of my motion graphics work can be found on my YouTube Channel.

  • Website

    U.S. Chamber of Commerce

    Website design for the Chamber of Commerce's "Jobs for 2012" campaign.

  • Social Media

    Facebook Video Ads

    These are short video ads I made for social media using motion graphics created in Adobe After Effects and video edited in Adobe Premier. More examples of my motion graphics work can be found on my YouTube Channel.

  • Logo Design

    Queensboro Tri Club

    I created this logo for the Queensboro triathlon club based on the look and feel of classic NYC subway maps.

  • Print

    Triathlon Poster Series

    Created to promote the 2017 Revolution3 Triathlon Series. These images represent marketing posters and postcards, and were subsequently used for other marketing (including social media, etc).



The short version: I'm half artist, half designer, half magician. Too many halves?

I am a Creative Director with 20 years of experience in the design world. Dedicated, hard working, and loyal: I am focused on impressing you with my amazing speed, attention to detail, and creativity. And of course my razor sharp wit... impeccable credentials... stunning portfolio... plethora of awards... oh, and my humility.

Previous Experience

Assoc. Creative Director

Navy Federal Credit Union

At Navy Federal, I manage a team of a dozen highly skilled designers within the internal marketing agency for the world's largest credit union. I work with the creative director to set, drive and maintain design standards across all channels in the marketing department. In addition to reviewing and approving the design team's creative output as well as providing feedback, I am also working to set the overall creative direction of the worldwide brand's marketing efforts. I assume creative lead on several large campaigns spanning various media, including a massive rebranding initiative for their stable of credit cards, a large campaign aimed at veterans, and a sponsorship deal with the NHL to name a few. I am continuously raising the bar for their animation and motion design by adding new levels of polish and creativity. My range of individual contributions spans digital media, social media, print, email marketing, video and animation - but I also contribute in various other forms: serving as art director for photo and video shoots, and much more.

Art Director

Revolution3 Triathlon
2009-2018 (9 years)

Revolution3 is a triathlon event company. My responsibilities were to oversee the art department, consisting of a team of junior designers, interns, and print managers - with the goal of developing and expanding the Revolution3 brand in America while gaining new customers. I personally worked on the graphic development of a myriad of creative products. Those products spanned a wide spectrum from print to web to video; and included: magazine ads, racing kits, vehicle wraps, websites, medals, marketing collateral, business cards, posters, clothing, video motion graphics, and much more. I coordinated and oversaw the in-house print shop. Producing marketing materials, event signage and banner graphics. Providing accurate time and cost estimates for each tactic. When travelling to the triathlon events, I acted as a media director, coordinating photographers, streaming video, live website updates, and the operation of a jumbotron screen.

Senior Designer

Fishbowl Marketing, Inc
2005-2009 (4 years)

Fishbowl is focused on marketing for the restaurant industry. While there I personally worked on the graphic development of websites, email marketing, and print materials. I interacted with copywriters and coders to develop creative concepts and executions of assigned products. I worked closely with account executives to schedule and monitor all projects. I participated in creative meetings and presentations to clients. I assisted in the hiring, evaluation, education and development of junior designers.

Advertising Director

Galaxy Music Distributors
2000-2005 (5 years)

At Galaxy Music I was responsible for all aspects of advertising for the company. I worked on the graphic development of several products including a weekly music catalog, print ads, and marketing materials. I layed out the weekly catalog and designed client ads. I worked directly with clients, soliciting advertising, and getting artwork approved. I coordinated weekly press checks with the local printer. I worked on the creation of several album cover layouts and designs. I coordinated with the billing department and account executives to ensure proper budgeting and ad sales.

Graphic Designer

Gregory Welteroth Advertising
1999-2000 (1 years)

At GWA I was responsible for developing newspaper and magazine advertisements for national and local clients including John Deere and Sea-Doo. I worked with account executives to review creative briefs and approve all projects. I participated in creative meetings and presentations to clients.

Awards and Recognition

  • International Academy of Visual Arts 207 W3 Awards Winner

    "Fishbowl Holiday Card" (flash jump page)
    Credited· Flash Animation

    "Maggiano's Little Italy Favorites" (flash landing page)
    Credited. Designer I Flash Animation

  • Horizon Interactive Awards 2007 Bronze Award Winner

    "Dairy Queen's Blizzard Apprentice" (website & video}
    Credited Designer

  • Internet Advertising Competition 2007 Best In Show

    "Bennigan's 'Shamrock the Vote' Campaign" (website, email, & print)
    Credited: Art Director I Designer


  • Art Direction
  • Print Design
  • Typography
  • Web Design
  • Logo Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Editing
  • Photography
  • Illustration


Art Institute Of Pittsburgh (1999-2000) Graphic Design Major
Continued Studies: EEi Communications (2006-2008) Flash I, Flash II, ActionScript I


Available upon request.